College of Pharmacy and Science

College of Pharmacy and Science


The CNU College of Pharmacy and Science focuses on nurturing professionals in the fields of pharmacy, biotechnology, and cosmetic science for the benefit of industry and the community, and on contributing to knowledge development and technological progress within these fields. Emphasizing the integration of theory with practice, and teaching with learning, we train our students to become professionals with the skills and attitudes necessary to be competitive in the job market. 

Our college includes the Department of Pharmacy, the Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, the Department of Cosmetic Science, the Institute of Cosmetic Science, the Department of Biotechnology, and the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. We are also home to a number of related research centers, including the Center for Research in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Applications, the Functional Cosmetics Development and Evaluation Research Center, the New Drug Development Center, and the Industry-Academic Cooperation Center for Herb Development and Health Promotion. These centers help to drive teaching, learning, research, and internships within the college.

Teaching and Learning

The departments and institutes within our college are closely related, and curriculum planning and student evaluation is guided by our index of core competencies for employment competitiveness. Students learn their fundamental specialist abilities and skills in their departments and institutes, but are also trained in languages, information technology, problem-solving, communication and creativity. We emphasize the cultivation of a service mentality, and encourage our students to exhibit concern for others and the ability to work cooperatively. In addition to training in the fields of pharmacy, cosmetics, and biotechnology, we offer modules in pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical administration and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.