Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Affiliated with College of Pharmacy and Science


Founded in 1976, our department aims to train specialists in pharmaceutical-related chemical technology. In recent years, with global advancements in the biotech-pharmaceutical industry, and the local demand for pharmaceutical professionals, our research focus and range of teaching activities have broadened from fundamental analysis technology to drug synthesis, and natural herbal medicine synthesis. In addition to carrying out basic research, we have promoted cooperation with businesses in the medicinal chemistry industry, in order to ensure our students possess the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in a modern health care system.

Teaching and Learning

The objectives of our curriculum are to provide students with professional training in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and instrumental analysis based on solid chemistry knowledge, so as to enable our students to utilize their knowledge in biotech cosmeceutical production and analysis. Our teaching and learning focuses on practical and specialized skills, including lab sessions, projects, professional co-teaching, instrument operation certification, interdisciplinary programs, employment programs, and internship programs. The emphasis of theoretical knowledge combined with practical skills allows students to put theory into practice, and thus develop stronger competitiveness in the employment market and a greater variety of career opportunities.