Industry-Academia Cooperation Center for Herb Development and Health Promotion

Industry-Academia Cooperation Center for Herb Development and Health Promotion

Affiliated with College of Pharmacy and Science


The Centre for Research in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Applications (CRBPA) at Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science is an innovative, interdisciplinary research center for the study of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals in interaction.

Members of the center – from the Department of Pharmacy and other departments within Chia Nan University – conduct research into how these interactions work in a wide variety of social settings and institutional contexts. These include pharmaceutical and health-related, medical, educational, industrial and other settings.
The center provides a platform for:

  • Basic research into biotechnology and pharmaceuticals associated with applications in social interaction
  • Applied research into the creation of high quality sci-tech products, facilitating the development and prosperity of local industries, and raising overall national business competitiveness
  • Developing innovative interdisciplinary research into biotechnology and pharmaceuticals 
  • Postgraduate training, in particular in the MA program in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, conducted by our interdisciplinary teams of qualified faculty using state-of-the-art equipment 
  • Collaboration with other researchers in Tainan, Taiwan and beyond
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration between center members, research students  and other visitors