Functional Cosmetics Development and Evaluation Research Center

Functional Cosmetics Development and Evaluation Research Center

Affiliated with College of Pharmacy and Science


Our center was established for the following purposes: to integrate industry, government and academic resources, and assist businesses to open up overseas markets; to train students to participate in practical projects, and develop the kinds of skills sought after by industry; to develop a distinctive style of CNU cosmetics, assist cosmetics companies to become leaders in the Taiwanese cosmetics industry, and raise the prospects of the cosmetics industry as a whole.

In order to enhance the skills and product development capability of the domestic cosmetics industry, our center offers a professional consultation service, and conducts training courses for cosmetics industry personnel. We also promote interaction between academia and industry and conduct cosmetics industry related conferences, in order to enhance research and technology capabilities, and promote industry-academic exchanges.

Our center’s specific activities include the development of raw materials for cosmetics (upstream), biological activity assessment (mid-stream), and formulation design and development (downstream):

Raw materials development

  • The synergistic development of Chinese herbal medicines and biotech materials
  • Development of new raw materials for cosmetics

Evaluation of functional cosmetics

  • Evaluation of biological activity
  • Evaluation of safety, stability and efficacy

Development of cosmetic formulations

  • Development of new products
  • Stability assessments of existing products for industry
  • Research and development of improvements to existing products


Development and design of cosmetics formulations

  • Cleaning supplies: shower gel, facial cleanser
  • Cleansing products: Cleaning series (3 products), unstable formulation improvements
  • Skin care products: cosmetic masks, eye creams, skin cleanser and essential oils, day creams, night creams, body lotions, skin care series (5 products).
  • Improvements for unstable formulations
  • Development of functional cosmetics (according to manufacturer specifications).

Cosmetics stability performance assessment

  • Tests for viscosity and its changes over time
  • Tests for particle size and changes over time
  • Tests for color and its changes over time
  • Tests for pH value and its changes over time
  • Tests for changes in oil and moisture content
  • Abuse tests
  • Shelf life assessment

Cosmetic products skin suitability assessments

  • Patch tests for human skin safety
  • Human skin adaptability tests

Cosmetics functional efficacy assessment

  • Efficacy (extracellular test):  Whitening assessment (tyrosinase enzyme inhibition test)
  • UV-resistance effectiveness tests: Evaluation of sunscreen SPF and PA values 
  • Microbiological testing: Bacterial counts
  • Human efficacy tests: skin tests, moisturizing tests, oil distribution testing, pH testing, skin color (whitening) tests, blemish testing, sunspot improvement, pore changes, wrinkle prevention testing, compaction testing, flexibility testing, acne efficacy testing, body shape assessment, hair assessment, hair color changes, hair quality changes, scalp quality changes, rinse efficacy tests, foam and wash testing, hair elasticity testing, hair strength testing, hair restoration efficacy assessment, evaluation of skin care drinks.

Training courses

  • Techniques for formulation preparation
  • Consultancy
  • Safety techniques
  • Techniques for improving efficacy

Consultancy Services

  • Research and development consultancy
  • Educational consultancy
  • Stability technology

Development of natural functional ingredients for cosmetics

  • Development of raw materials from Chinese herbal extracts
  • Development of functional components from Chinese herbal extracts

Analysis of functional components of cosmetics

  • Qualitative analysis of functional components
  • Quantitative analysis of functional components