Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Affiliated with College of Humanities and Applied Information


Foreign language ability is the key to enabling a country to enter the world stage. Our department aims to play a role in national economic development by training students to have a professional outlook, interpersonal skills, and global vision, so that they are capable of providing cross-national service. Our program focuses on developing interpersonal communication skills, structured expression, and the ability to combine knowledge of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) with other professional workplace skills. We also place great importance on training students to discover, analyze and solve problems. We currently have a total of 23 faculty, including a professor, sic associate professors, 11 assistant professors and five lecturers. Our faculty have specialist skills in a wide range of fields, including English remedial teaching, EEG-based reading research, digital technology in English teaching, translating and interpreting strategies, English learning cards, and innovation in English teaching. We were awarded the highest rating in the 2010 departmental evaluations conducted by the Ministry of Education. 

Teaching and Learning

A scheme of comprehensive assessment is utilized to keep track of English majors’ learning achievements, which includes:

  • a graduation benchmark for general English language proficiency (CEFR B2),
  • projects in academic or career-related realms,
  • internships in professional fields related to English, particularly children’s English teaching, English content publishing, and English interpretation for cultural events or leisure activities.