Department of Environmental Engineering and Science

Department of Environmental Engineering and Science

Affiliated with College of Sustainable Environment


Our department aims to train students to become professional environmental engineers. Diplomas will be conferred on the students who complete courses of study in the areas of:

  • environmental science
  • environmental engineering
  • ecological engineering
  • interdisciplinary innovative green technology

Students receive practical training in the skills of:

  • environmental engineering with environmental quality monitoring
  • water supply engineering
  • wastewater treatment engineering
  • solid waste treatment engineering
  • air pollution control engineering
  • planning, design and operation of soil/groundwater remediation

The development of learning skills will not only address the problems of environmental pollution, but also assist students to pursue their career mission in creating a sustainable environment. In order to provide a holistic education, we also offer courses focusing on concern for humanity, professional ethics, and morality. In recognition of our academic and educational achievements over the years, we have recently been awarded the highest level of departmental evaluation by the Ministry of Education. In addition, the department has been recognized and certificated by the Chinese Society for Engineering Education (IEET) for excellence in engineering and technology education. These honors indicate that the educational outcomes and teaching quality of our department have reached an international standard.

Teaching and Learning

Our department implements a school-based curriculum, coordinating the workplace skills of our graduating students with the developmental needs of the domestic environmental protection industry. In keeping with industry requirements for personnel licensing and accreditation, our program is designed to provide theoretical and practical instruction. Our required courses provide a foundation in the theory and practice of engineering, while our elective courses focus on three categories of expertise:

  • monitoring and analysis of environmental quality
  • operation and maintenance of environmental engineering
  • environmental sustainability technology and its application