Department of Environmental Resources Management

Department of Environmental Resources Management

Affiliated with College of Sustainable Environment


In response to the urgent need to promote environmental sustainability, this department was established to cultivate professional personnel for the world-wide promotion of green industries and the local implementation of environmental policy. Our mission is to train globally-oriented GREEN environmental managers – specialists in:

  • Green economy
  • Resources management
  • Environmental technology
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Natural conservation

On the basis of our academic and instructional achievements over the years, we were recently awarded the highest level of departmental evaluation by the Ministry of Education. Owing to the pressing demand to create a high level “green-collar” work force, we have also established a master’s degree program in the department. This program focuses on the cultivation of specialists for domestic or international green industries, with a particular focus on industries related to energy saving and carbon reduction, and those dealing with adaptation to global warming. 

Teaching and Learning

We have developed a department-based curriculum with student needs as its core. The mission of our program is to ensure our students have the required specialist knowledge of future green technology and management to make them highly competitive in the employment market. In response to the needs of green enterprises, our teaching program cultivates practical technical and vocational skills, through:

  • core courses in techniques of environmental resource management
  • general education courses promoting broad general knowledge
  • practical workplace experience and training in combination with industry internships