Department of Recreation and Healthcare Management

Department of Recreation and Healthcare Management

Affiliated with College of Recreation and Health Management


Our department was established in 1999, in order to help met a growing need for experts in the domestic leisure and health care guidance industries. We cultivate specialists in three fields: health management, leisure planning, and recreation service. We have signed cooperation contracts with many enterprises, which will help students pursue practical learning goals and strengthen their competitiveness in the employment market after graduation.

In addition to our four-year degree program, we also have a graduate school that focuses on the recreation care industry, aiming to cultivate specialists in the fields of recreational healthcare, recreational resource planning, and recreational enterprise management.

Teaching and Learning

In accordance with our educational goals, we have established three modules, in health promotion, leisure planning and recreation service management.

  • Health Promotion Module. This module aims to cultivate health management trainers. Our main task is to equip students with broad knowledge of physical fitness, including fitness guidance, aquatherapy and natural therapies.
  • Leisure Planning and Design Module. This module aims to develop professional leisure and recreation planners. Core skills include activity planning, space planning and digital applications. Students learn how to write project proposals , develop promotional strategies, schedule timetables, conduct events, investigate and analyze recreational resources, apply 3D space planning software, and design and produce interactive digital content.
  • Recreation Service Management Module. This module trains students to become leisure services managers. Students are given a foundation in basic business management, including manpower planning, strategic analysis and project management.