Department of Hospital and Health Care Administration

Department of Hospital and Health Care Administration

Affiliated with College of Recreation and Health Management


The Department of Hospital and Health Care Administration at Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science was founded in 1988. The department provides professional training in health care management with the aim of improving the quality of health care services in Taiwan. Students are provided with an excellent environment to learn the necessary knowledge and skills of health care management through classes and internships in health care institutions. Our department currently offers an undergraduate program (Bachelor of Management, BM), an executive bachelor’s program including 2 year college and 4year college, and a master’s program (Master of Health Administration, MHA and Executive Master of Health Administration).

Teaching and learning

The aim of our department is to cultivate excellent professionals in health care services. In addition, training in information technology, data analysis, problem-solving, decision making and strategic management are also emphasized in the curriculum. Educational objectives are as follows:

Master’s Program

  • To cultivate future senior managers in health care services
  • To develop students’ data analysis and problem-solving skills
  • To encourage students to show innovation, and strategic ability
  • To cultivate international communication and leadership skills

Bachelor’s Program

  • To train students to become entry- and middle-level health care industry personnel
  • To develop students’ professional management knowledge
  • To develop students’ practical abilities in information technology and language
  • To cultivate in students the qualities of respect for life, social service, humanity and the law
  • To cultivate in students the skills of communication and problem-solving
  • To educate students to have practical skills in project management, health service marketing, and administrative assistance.