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Center of General Education

Center of General Education


The goal of our Center is to enable students to acquire fundamental knowledge and abilities that cross disciplinary boundaries by offering courses like law for everyday life, medication, art appreciation, language, and information science. We value the development of leadership and creativity in students for their future careers and, through pleasant learning settings, prepare them to become not only potential leaders in the workplace, but rounded individuals who appreciate life and work in a tasteful way.

Teaching and Learning

There is a rich diversity of courses offered in our Center. In addition to conducting a lecture series by outstanding celebrities as part of our liberal arts education, we also provide a multitude of literary activities, study clubs, composition contests, and academic conferences. Lectures by medical doctors also contribute to the breadth of our teaching and learning.

There are 32 required credits for General Education, cataloged as core curriculum and extensive curriculum. The 20 credits for core courses focus on language, information science, democracy and the rule of law in Taiwan, and Taiwanese history and culture. Another 12 credits are extensive courses which are designed with the concept of interdisciplinary integration and divided into six domains: Humanities, Arts and Culture, Social Ethics, Health and Life, Tri-creation (innovation, creativity, and starting a business), and Natural Science and Technology. Students are expected to take one preferred course from a wide range of choices in each domain.

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