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CNU Affiliated Preschool

CNU Affiliated Preschool


The Chia Nan University Affiliated Preschool was established in 1994, in association with the opening of the university’s Department of Childhood Education and Nursery. Our aim is to provide a first class environment for the early childhood education needs of CNU staff and local residents, as well as a training facility for students. We were originally established as a childcare center, catering to children from the ages of two to six. However, in response to changing community needs, we opened an infant care center for one to two year olds in 2001 and, after changes in government policy, became a preschool in 2012. We currently accept children aged from two to six years old, with a total of five classes. We have achieved outstanding ratings in government evaluations, being designated by the Ministry of Education as a trial campus for a new course framework in 2009, and receiving top awards for teaching excellence from both the Tainan City Education Bureau and the Taiwan Ministry of Education in 2013.

Teaching and Learning

Our preschool uses an open teaching style. Through the provision of a stimulating and richly diverse environment, and warm and positive student-teacher interaction, we strive to foster a proactive attitude to learning, as well as independent thinking and problem solving ability. Our educational objective is to cultivate happy, confident children,through holistic education.

We do not use mass-produced teaching materials, but rather courses designed by teachers according to the children’s developmental stage, interests, and abilities, as well as resources available in the local community. Our classrooms are decorated to form a number of learning zones, using themes to integrate learning in different domains, and providing rich exploratory learning opportunities for the children. Based on the principle that all kinds of activities are of equal importance to the children, we ensure that they have the opportunity to participate in activities prepared by the teachers, and that they can choose between large group, small group or individual learning activities.

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