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Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office is responsible for managing student affairs on campus, under the “3 in 1 “ policy – teaching, disciplining and counseling. Our emphasis is on maintaining campus security, implementing student moral education, setting up unimpeded communication channels, and finally building a fine learning environment based on a student-centered orientation. Our aim is to form a triple-win mode of interaction between school, parents and students. The staff of our office hope that by offering humane, autonomous, self-ruled, multiple and electronic services, and endeavoring to care for students and cultivate their physical and mental development, we will be able to assist them to become a responsible global citizen.

The Student Affairs Office consists of the following divisions, office, and centers:

Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office

Student Services Division

This division is responsible for encouraging students to abide by school rules, exercise self-discipline, develop their character and engage in effective self-management. The main duties of this division are as follows:

  • Management of records of student’s rewards, punishment and discipline grades.
  • Administration of legal affairs, regulations revision, appeals and appraisal, committee of student rewards and punishment.
  • Mentor and part-time office aids matters.
  • Management of School loans, scholarship and grants.

Living Guidance Division

The main role of this division is to develop students’ moral education, maintain campus security, and ensure that students enjoy a comfortable and friendly learning atmosphere. The main duties of this division are as follows:

  • Student’s moral education, learning services, and living honor competition.
  • Security and safety on campus, prevention and practice against natural disasters or in emergency, and communication safety education.
  • Execution of “Spring-Brilliance” project for anti-smoking, anti-drugs and anti-betel nut chewing.
  • Management of school dormitory.
  • Integration of freshman orientation, and anniversary and graduation ceremonies.

Extracurricular Activities Division

The emphasis of this division is on cultivating student autonomy and administering student clubs. Our goal is to build a system of vivid, vigorous and multiple extra-curricular activities and, with the assistance of the Student Independent Unit (SIU), ensure that student clubs perform to their potential. The main duties of this division are as follows:

  • Management of SIU and related services.
  • Establishment and instruction of student clubs.

Hygiene and Health Care Division

This division is responsible for developing policies for health promotion and disease prevention, implementing health education, and offering health-care services to promote and enhance a healthy environment. Our aim is for every person on campus to be in the best physical condition. There are professional members on campus, including registered nurses, dietitian or doctors, to provide students and faculty with more appropriate healthy counseling and information. The main duties of the division are as follows:

  • Hygiene, nutrition and Health promotion education for everyone on campus.
  • Individual medical, physical or nutrition counseling and health-care services.
  • Diseases prevention and control.
  • Smoking cessation counseling and education.

Physical Education Office

The aim of this office is to establish correct attitudes to exercise among teachers and students, in order to help keep themselves from injury when engaging in sports and to enhance body and spirit through sports and leisure. The main tasks of this office are as follows:

  • Planning and management of exercise utilities on campus.
  • Promotion of physical activities on campus.
  • Development of sports and exercise programs or events.

Student Counseling Center

The center is established with a core value of respect for life. The center, therefore, strives to promote gender equality, to improve mental health wellbeing, and most importantly, to foster a well adjusted philosophy of life. The main duties and services provided by the center are as follows:

  • Arranging counseling sessions for student clients and consultation sessions for school employees.
  • Producing promotional materials for mental hygiene and counseling therapy.
  • Planning and conducting counseling resources projects.

Dean of Student Affairs

Dr. Chih-Ming Dong
Associate Professor, Department of Recreation and Healthcare Management
Tel: +886-6-2664911 Ext.1201
E-mail: cmdong@mail.cnu.edu.tw