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General Affairs Office

The General Affairs Office (GAO) provides logistic support to activities of learning, research, and the infrastructural needs of other administrative and academic units. Members of the GAO hope to provide a high quality, eco-friendly environment to CNU students, faculty and staff, and to create a rich environment for teaching, researching and learning.

The General Affairs Office consists of the following divisions:

General Affairs Office

General Affairs Office

Purchasing Division

The main duties of this division are:

  • centralized school purchase and handling of government-sponsored projects.
  • Handling campus petty cash arrangements.
  • Authorizing bookings for the university’s international meeting hall and procedures for other campus hall rentals and expense payments.
  • Supervising all purchasing projects.
  • Arranging campus access control and security patrols.
  • Arranging dispatch, maintenance, fuel management and other matters related to school vehicles.
  • Receiving, dispatching and registering incoming documents and letters.

Property Management Division

The Property Management Division is responsible for the management of the university’s fixed and movable assets and the spatial arrangement of buildings on campus. This includes:

  • The management of land, offices, classrooms, dormitories, parking lots, teaching equipment, traffic control and mechanical facilities.
  • Keeping records of school property data in accordance with the requirements and criteria of the National Property Administration of the Ministry of Finance and the financial classification regulations of the Director-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, of the Executive Yuan.

Cashier’s Division

The main duties of this division are:

  • Collection and issuing of receipts for payments and entering income into account books.
  • Payment: Writing checks and making payments according to school vouchers.
  • Administering salary payments, leave requests, hourly wages and the collection of deductions from wages.
  • Handling distribution and account transfers for various payments (bonuses, wages, etc.)
  • Collecting and handing of tuition payments.
  • Handling valuable papers, property and accounts.

Construction Maintenance Division

The main duties of this division are:

  • Handling all matters related to buildings, water supply, and electricity.
  • Management of bidding, contracting, and supervision of new construction projects on campus.
  • Repair and maintenance of electricity services, water supply, elevators and fire-fighting equipment.

Environmental Affairs Division

The main duties of this division are:

  • Campus beautification and planning and maintaining of gardens and grounds
  • Management of campus protection group

Dean of General Affairs

Dr. Yang, Sheng-Kai
Assistant Professor, Department of Information Management

Tel: +886-6-2664911 Ext.1301
E-mail: box1301@mail.cnu.edu.tw