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Accounting Office

The Accounting Office is responsible for the coordination of financial management of administrative affairs of the school. Due to the ever-increasing demand for this function, the school’s accounting operations have been computerized to save manpower and increase efficiency. This office is also responsible for designing the school’s accounting systems and internal control and auditing regulations, in order to prevent the school’s budget from being wasted, defrauded or inefficiently used, and to facilitate the most effective deployment of school resources.


  • Budget preparation
  • Budget Control
  • Auditing of accounting documents and records
  • Budget approval
  • Annual financial statements preparation

Financial Situation

Financial management at CNU has been receiving the highest rating in the last few rounds of college evaluation by the Ministry of Education. In order to create a comfortable environment for learning and doing research, CNU has invested enormously on many large-scale construction projects over the last decade, such as a state-of-the-art Library building, an International Conference Hall, Dormitory buildings, etc. The management of income to cover these large-scale expenses has been one of the major achievements of this office.