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Military Education Office

In accordance with the policy of “National Defense Education for the People”, our mission is to cultivate the students’ patriotism, intensify their knowledge of national defense, and consolidate their willingness to safeguard national security, in order to accomplish the goal of strengthening the nation's overall combat effectiveness.

In recent years, in response to changes in the social environment, military training education has also taken on the roles of safeguarding campus safety and assisting the school to guide students in their everyday lives.


Military Education Office

Military Education Office

Military Training Education

According to the national curriculum standard, military training education at the college level include courses covering national security, national defense techniques, theory of military affairs, history of war, study of arms, and general principles of military training and nursing. In addition, we recommend outstanding youth of good character with strong academic performance to participate youth teams, which will share duties in the event of war.

Campus Security Center

We offer information to students concerning campus security, traffic security, personal security and fraud prevention.

We are also responsible for the planning and execution of campus security measures. In each academic year, we sponsor fire drills, earthquake drills, disaster drills, and evacuation drills for tall buildings (including the operation of emergency descent equipment), to strengthen the students’ ability to handle emergencies and to prevent disasters. 

Student Services Division

We co-operate with the Office of Student Affairs to deal with other matters, such as paying visits to students hospitalized due to illness or accidents, assisting students in their negotiation over compensation settlements after traffic accident, consulting on dormitory autonomy, assisting each department, guiding off-campus lodging, handling lost and found items, dealing with students’ complaints and appeals, promoting traffic safety, promoting anti-drug and anti-smoking activities, and assisting with the commencement ceremony for seniors.

Contact Us

The military education office is located on the first floor of the Song-tien building (Building B).

Emergency Service Time: 24 hours/day, 365 days/year
Tel: +886-6-2667328; +886-6-2664911, Ext.1208 or 1580
Fax: +886-6-2665051
E-mail: box141@mail.cnu.edu.tw