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Innovation and Incubation Center

The Innovation and Incubation Center (IIC) at CNU was founded in September 2005 to assist start-up firms break through the bottleneck of the development or operation, and to assist individuals or companies with a full bred creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship services. CNU has chosen 12 industries as focused areas of incubation, these are: "pharmacy and cosmetic technology, food science and health, biotechnology, environmental technology, restaurant and hospitality management, health tourism, sports and recreation, space science and technology, cultural and creativity industry, digital content, occupational safety, GMP counseling." At current stage, the “pharmacy and cosmetic technology, food science and health” are the core fields for incubation

With continued acceleration of advances in technology and knowledge discovery, and a more demanding corporate funding environment, the IIC is committed to creating productive interactions with industry. The IIC serves to provide a value-added platform for health industry enterprises through a synergy between university, enterprises and government. In order to achieve that goal, the IIC provides the following services:

  • Provide enterprise incubation and cultivation
  • Provide R&D equipment and human resource support
  • Provide professional consultation and technology cooperation
  • Conduct professional training and cultivation
  • Establish and maintain a platform for R&D product exhibition

The IIC of CNU has helped the establishment of quite a few small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in different fields since the IIC’s founding. With excellent support systems and professional staff, the IIC is devoted to serving and providing individuals or SMEs with comprehensive support, from idea conception, to innovation, and entrepreneurship. The IIC continually evolves to meet the interest, needs, and aspirations of CNU faculty and enterprise partners.

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Innovation & Incubation Center