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Research and Development Center of Ecological Engineering and Technology

The main goal of R&D Center of Ecological Engineering and Technology (CEET) is acting as a platform for organizing resources (facilities, projects, man-power, budgets, etc.) to perform research and application on practical work concerning ecological technologies. At present, CEET has been involved in many projects about environmental pollution control, ecological restoration, sustainable management planning, renewable energy, ecological community design, etc.

Some Developed and Developing Technologies of CEET

  • Eco -Tech for Management and Treatment of Wastewater form Aqua-culture Industry
  • Eco-Tech for Treating Domestic Wastewater from Communities
  • Eco-Tech for Wastewater Treatment and Scenic Plan on Campus
  • Eco-Tech for Tertiary Treatment and Reuse of Discharge form WWTP
  • Eco-Tech for On-site Treatment of Polluted River Water
  • Eco-Tech on Rain Water Recovery and Reuse
  • Ecological Materials on Natural Wastewater Treatment System
  • Water Recycling Design on Sustainable and Ecological Sites
  • Eco-Tech on Pollution Reduction from Water in Reservoirs
  • Eco-Tech on Impermeable liners in Constructed Wetlands
  • GIS Info Tech on Supporting Planning Strategy of River Eco-Tech
  • Macrophytes feasibility in Constructed Wetlands with High Salinity
  • Data Bank and Operational System of Functional Estimation on Constructed Wetlands
  • Eco-Tech on Nitrate Removal from Groundwater
  • Free Water Surface Wetlands with Various Macrophytes
  • Eco-Tech on Heavy Metal Removal Using Floating Macrophytes
  • Mobile Guiding System for Eco-Tour and Environmental Education
  • Three Dimension Network System of Rivers

Specialties of CEET

  • Important Base for R&D on Eco-Tech
  • Reliable Partner Providing Technical Supports for Eco-Tech Indus-tries
  • Capable Organization to perform Projects of Eco-Tech collaborated with Governments-Academic-Industries
  • Exporting Eco-Tech for Other Countries Based on International collaboration Projects
  • Educating Center for Personnel Training of Eco-Tech

Contact Us

Web: http://www.ecocenter.cnu.edu.tw/
Tel: +886-6-3663872
Fax: +886-6-3663871
E-mail: ceet302@mail.cnu.edu.tw
Address: 60, Erh-Jen Rd., Sec. 1, Jen-Te, Tainan 71710, Taiwan, ROC