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Environmental Safety and Hygiene Center

The Environmental Safety and Hygiene Center was first established under the General Affairs Office, and was dedicated to ensuring laboratory safety and hygiene, promoting environmental protection, and maintaining the safety and health of our faculty, students and employees within the campus. In order to effectively integrate school resources and implement environmental safety, health and protection, the Environmental Safety and Hygiene center was upgraded into a first class administrative unit directly reporting to the President of CNU in September, 2005.

Major Goals

  • To scheme, promote, and administrate any affairs or educational training regarding laboratory safety and hygiene management, environmental protection and hazards control requested by government organizations or relevant laws and regulations.
  • To implement decisions regarding laboratory safety and hygiene management, environmental protection and hazards control, stipulated by Environmental Safety and Health Committee and Hazardous chemicals Control Committee of the University.
  • To upgrade the Water and energy resource Management system and scheme water reuse system


  • To scheme and impel plans and educational training related to laboratory safety and hygiene in the campus
  • To manage water quality of the waste water treatment plant, and equipment implementation and maintenance.
  • To manage of the campus wastes from laboratories and air quality control
  • To supervise the regulations of toxic materials from laboratories, and handle the storage of toxic wastes, radiation protection, and biological safety
  • To plan and promote campus water recycle system
  • To plan air pollution control system and promote the campus air quality
  • To facilitate campus aged chemicals and medicines exchange and re-utilization.