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Center for Arts and Culture

The Center for Arts and Culture is dedicated to promoting artistic and cultural education and events on campus, fostering an understanding and appreciation of the arts and culture among faculty and students, and advancing the development of arts and cultural practice on campus. To enhance its programming content, the center incorporates arts and cultural resources within and outside of the university and sponsors all types of static and interactive artistic and cultural events. Through these events, the center works to broaden the reach of university-community audience exchange and interaction, to promote the culture of social care, to build a new type of open campus without walls, and to contribute to the thriving artistic and cultural environment that is becoming an important feature of southern Taiwan. In addition, the center also serves as an important means of interaction between government cultural agencies and local cultural circles. The center manages two exhibition spaces—The Chia Nan Art Gallery located on the 1st floor of the International Conference Building and the Chia Nan Museum of Culture and Art located on the 9th Floor of the Library Information Center. Exhibitions of fine art, calligraphy, 3D sculpture works of renowned artists, displays of traditional historic relics, the work of local cultural industries, and Taiwanese artists are presented at these two spaces, according to the feature of each space. The center presents one to two exhibits per semester to further showcase the rich dimensions and expressions of the arts.

The establishment of the center began in 2003. Under the planning of the College of Social Science and Management, the center inaugurated its “Chia Nan Shuei Sie Art Season 2003,” featuring diverse artistic and cultural programs, including exhibits, concerts, performances, educational workshops, and lecture series. In December of the same year, the Chia Nan Museum of Culture and Art formed a strategic alliance with the Kaohsiung Museum of History. From its inception to 2011, the museum has presented over 23 exhibitions, among which exhibits of retro artifacts and traditional crafts such as “The Traditional Groceries of Taiwan,” “An Exhibition of Medical-Treatment Antiques of Taiwan,” “An Exhibition of Grandma’s Kitchen Utensils,” “An Exhibition of Fragmented Ceramic Art by Chen San-Huo,”  “Floating Wine Cups on A Winding Stream-Xu Junyi’s Banquet of The Rare Stones,” and “Lackunst: the Lacquer Art of Lih-Shwu Hwang” were most well-received.

In early 2005, The Center for Arts and Culture was officially formed and the Chia Nan Art Gallery was also established. A strategic alliance contract was signed with Chi Chang Yuan, which possesses an abundant art collection. From the gallery’s inception in 2005 to 2011, 20 exhibitions have been presented, including large-scale and exquisite shows such as a two-person exhibition of French modern prints, a solo exhibition by Andre Cottavoz, a solo exhibition by Alberto Cottignoli, an Andy Warhol exhibition, a Salvador Dali print exhibition, an ink painting exhibition by Li Yuan-Hai, a calligraphy and ink painting exhibition by Wu Fu, and an ink painting exhibition by Kuang-Nan Huang.


The center retains one center director, who is supported by two deputy directors, and a number of employees to run the operations of the center. A faculty member or researcher with assistant professor or higher qualification is selected and appointed by the university president to serve concurrently as the center director.

Staff & Duties

The center is responsible for:

  1. Organizing various exhibitions and performances to promote arts and cultural education
  2. Working with concerned agencies to advance arts and culture curriculum and improve teaching outcomes.
  3. Collecting art works to build resources for arts and cultural education
  4. Integrating resources within and outside of the school to promote community arts and cultural exchanges and interactions. 
  5. Assisting with the planning of public art spaces and the development of an artistic and cultural environment on campus.

Director: Responsible for the overall direction of center operations, set annual work plans, oversees project planning and exhibition design and installation, and is charged with the management of the collection and exchange within and outside of the school. 

Deputy Directors: Manage the planning and implementation of exhibits, performing arts events and arts and cultural education programs at Chia Nan Museum of Culture and Art and Chia Nan Art Gallery.

Staff members: Carry out the events and routine operations of the Center for Arts and Culture.

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Chia Nan Museum of Culture & Art

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